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[Rules] Ertral Venai: The Endless Maze Empty [Rules] Ertral Venai: The Endless Maze

Post by Matthew Gothel on 4/5/2015, 3:35 pm

When a character in Entherium dies, they may end up in the Endless Maze. Those who make it to the exit are given a new chance at life, but there are many dangers within.

The walls of the maze are ethereal, passable but draining to the soul when crossed. If one decides to follow the set path, then they will find their fears manifest before them. These apparitions cannot be killed, and must instead be avoided at all costs. The closer a spirit gets to the exit, the more the walls drain and the more powerful and horrifying the apparitions become.

If one succumbs to the maze by having their entire soul drained or consumed by their fears, then they suffer true death, and can no longer return to Entherium. Those who make it out may feel weakened by the experience, but will recover over time... unless they are sent back, and find their soul no better than when they left.
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