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Post by Matthew Gothel on 4/5/2015, 3:45 pm

Casual players who stick to the casual threads won't likely face dangerous situations, and even those who venture into the dungeon threads are often well-equipped for the dangers accompanying these areas. However, no hero or villain is infallible, and all succumb to death eventually.

When a character dies, the player may choose to remain permanently dead, and will be required to make a new character to replace the deceased. Players also have the option to try and regain their life by fighting through the deadly maze of Ertral Venai, the dimension of death connected to Entherium. Surviving the maze will allow the player to return to their body and continue playing as before; "dying" in the maze will trigger a true death, and the player will have to start again with a new character. This way, death is a possibility, but can be overcome through strength of will... at least for a time.

Note that any damage to the soul while in Ertral Venai will not heal naturally, so every trek through the maze will be that much more dangerous than the last. Unless you find a means to heal your spirit, you are unlikely to survive dying more than once.
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