[Casual] Revak Airport

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[Casual] Revak Airport Empty [Casual] Revak Airport

Post by Matthew Gothel on 3/30/2015, 10:19 am

This airport connects to the capital city by airship, allowing people like merchants to avoid having to traverse the Concarn Jungle and Cragbone Mountains. Airship tickets, at 10 Velli each, are more expensive than booking passage on a ship, but taking an airship allows travelers to reach their destination sooner than by ship.

From above the city, it is easy for those traveling in and out of the city by air to see the flow of people moving from the port to the rest of the city like a tree growing from the earth.

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[Casual] Revak Airport Empty Re: [Casual] Revak Airport

Post by Corvus Silver on 4/14/2015, 12:32 am

After bidding farewell to Shade, Corvus places his new crossbow onto his back where he can easily grab it, and attaches the bolt quiver on his belt next to his gun holster. With all his gear ready, Corvus starts walking out of the city.

Having asked several residents for directions, he finally locates the airport. Corvus pays the fee of 10 Velli for a ticket, then gets onto the airship. Son after, it takes off to the north, towards the Cragbone Mountains.
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