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[Casual] Entertainment District Empty [Casual] Entertainment District

Post by Matthew Gothel on 3/10/2015, 1:52 pm

Regardless of age, the Entertainment District has recreational activities for everyone who visits.

Stalls selling all kinds of toys and candy are very popular with the residential children when they receive their allowance, and there are a number of parks where they can play or eat to their content in their free time.

At night, many brothels and rowdier inns and taverns open up for those seeking thrills they can't or perhaps shouldn't find at home.
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[Casual] Entertainment District Empty Re: [Casual] Entertainment District

Post by Lucy van Allen on 6/8/2015, 11:07 am

"Are you for real now?" A sweet scent like strawberries mixed with alcohol and sweat fills Lara's nose. She touches carefully around, trying to figure out if she's really where she thinks she is. There, a bed, two bodies, constantly moving and moaning. "Oh no... you didn't just... You know, writer, you have a sick mind. I'll get out of here. Now." With that, she teleports several meters to the left and lands oon the main road of the entertainment district. "You're unbelievable. Gods." Suddenly, she changes her mind an- "NO. SCREW YOU. IF YOU WRITE THAT, I'LL JUMP OUT RIGHT NOW AND STAB YOUR EYES OUT!" Slightly annoyed- "Slightly? Really now?" Completely pissed off of her author- "Yeah, that's better." Lara's decides to explore her new surroundings, and walks down the street, looking for nothing specific... "Actually, I need a drink now." She continues to walk down the street, searching for a Tavern or Bar. "You realise that I'm actually floating, do you?" Lara FLOATS down the street, showing off her telekinetic powers because she's a self obessed little...
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