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Post by Matthew Gothel on 3/9/2015, 2:13 pm

The ancient remains of a long-gone culture, these unnamed ruins stand as a testament to the engineering skills of a people no longer existing on Entherium. On the outside, the ruins look like the main square of a city lost to time, a few buildings that were once houses or shops surrounding the area.

Anyone seeking these ruins is more likely interested in what lies beneath. For those who find one of the many passages that lead underground, they will find a far less eroded series of corridors that occasionally open up into rooms large enough to be buildings themselves. Here, one may find artifacts and tools worth a fortune, but also some of the most fierce and deadly creatures on Entherium. Perhaps these beasts are the descendents of pets and guard animals of the ancient civilization that built these ruins, or maybe they are creatures that have evolved into masters of hunting and slaying after protecting their chosen home from those who would explore these ruins for centuries. Either way, it would take a small army to clear even one room of its bestial tenants.
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