[Rules] Revak Port and Trading

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[Rules] Revak Port and Trading Empty [Rules] Revak Port and Trading

Post by Matthew Gothel on 3/9/2015, 1:20 pm

Revak Port is large enough to qualify as a city, with separate districts. Aside from the port itself, there is a Trade District, a Fishing District, an airport connecting to Privellia, and a hideout for the Crag Gang, who send their recruits into the Cragbone Mountains for 3 days as an initiation.

Most of Revak's economy stems from trade with Privellia, exporting fish from the oceans and materials gathered/hunted from the jungle and importing magitech from the north. Thus, the port can be considered as a conduit for trade, goods moving in and out of the city and spreading through the area south of the Cragbone Mountains.
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