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Post by Matthew Gothel on 3/8/2015, 1:03 am

First of all, I would like to note that Entherium is still in development. Join early on and get a chance to become a moderator for one of Entherium's regions!

Entherium is a world where magitech is prominent. Magitech in this world is technology that is powered through magical energy, so mages are in high demand in any occupation that traditionally requires operating or maintaining machinery, from mechanics to truck drivers to electricians.

This world is under the control of the Rayfaras Kingdom, ruled by the Dark King Matthew, who is skilled with dark magic and swordplay. He tries to mostly let the people of each region rule themselves, and only intervenes with their affairs if they threaten the safety or welfare of the kingdom as a whole. However, if he does act, then those who face his wrath will face an army of mighty magitech walkers and tanks, as well as the personal heavy infantry troops of Mathew's wife Jill, who is famous for having wiped out 5 tribes of golems with just one broadsword that she wields to this day.

Characters in this world can be human, elven, dwarven, or a golem. Note that golems live almost exclusively in the Cragbone Mountains, while the other races intermingle within the rest of the kingdom. Mages will often find work here due to the presence of magitech, but unlike in other worlds, mages are not more likely to hold important positions than non-magical users since they do not create magitech, only use it. Trade is mostly dependent on merchants, who will often hire escorts to protect their wares as they travel. The King's Army is always looking for new recruits, as is the female-only Honor Guard led by the Golem Queen herself.

Of course, there are many more opportunities to live and find excitement in Entherium if you look hard enough! In the meantime, welcome to the Bastion of Darkness!
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